_monsieurnieht t1_j6hoe2z wrote

I see that all of you are commenting about how fast you are without mouse. Well, I guess that you are either at god level or just programmer wannabe because during my 5 years working as a programmer, I don’t think I can do anything withkeyboard as fast as just using a mouse. Shortcuts sure are the fastest, but try select 500 lines of code without a mouse, I can do it in 2 seconds and then write this comment while you are scrolling with upper arrow. Idk, prove me wrong.

Edit: Also, if you’re unlucky, your program doesn’t allow tab to select, the tab indexes are a mess, and there isn’t shortcut for everything, good luck Alt your way to the menu.

Edit 2: This thread remind me of Linux superiors, lol, because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s better.