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Before Migrants it was homeless, and before homeless it was covid quartines, and before covid quartines it was covid relief workers who were being paid big $$$. It's pretty clear this is welfare for hotel under the guise of humanitarian aid. Before covid AirBnB was eating their lunch and then it was covid. I just hope this welfare was thought out and the most cost effective means of housing these people.


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The oil pipelines from Russian to India can only send but so much oil. India and Russia could improve the infrastructure to allow for more oil sales but it would cost money, time, and india would have to start right now because Russia could collapse before it is built making it useless.

India is trying to become a world power. They see removing the USA as the world dominate power as key to achieving this goal. Supporting Russia is part of the plan as any nation in BRICS in theory should be doing. At the same time the consequences of such action should be realized as well.


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Exactly the issue. You are under estimating the cost of healthcare and pension.

Pension is paid into a fund per officer. Invested or not, it's a cost. With 20 years retirement and an excellent pension plan, it's going to be expensive. Then you have healthcare. Post covid essential services with good healthcare costs have risen almost 33 percent, once again per officer.

An officer doing OT saves the PD money. It also offers flexibility for when they don't need officers.

You can argue it's because of the shortage but the NYPD has been abusing OT for decades. This is not new.


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The low starting salaries were fought for by the union veterans at the expense of the younger POs. Maybe this was a gamble to slow recruitment, create a shortage, and then demand raises on the lower end while retaining salaries for higher ranked officers.

Maybe it's time to cut salaries at the top and give it to the officers at the bottom.


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No, I'm not going to approve of residential permits. No, I don't care what other towns do across America. I'm open to NYC parking permits to limit outsiders from driving and taking up parking, but no neighborhood restrictions.

You bought or rented out your apartment knowing full well you wouldn't have parking. Now you want free perks lol. Sell your car.


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> If they woulda kept it in believable amounts, didn’t flash the money around, and kept it off their own personal cards they might have gotten away with it.

The article clearly states the 1 million dollar charge is what got her busted. Considering she went into super felony territory I wonder what her long term game plan was? College and a normal life was over. IRS would eventually question how someone with a 20k income bought a Tesla. Should've bought a house in another country and left.


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Because he should be charged. Self-defence should be determined by the jury, not the DA.

This is across the board btw. This is why people got angry when those people chased down the jogger because he ran from people with guns. He fought and died yet the released the shooters and accomplices because they claimed they were stopping a crime.

Let the jury do it's job.


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They should expand access to Rosedale, masbeth, flatlands, marine park, flushings, Corona and areas in between with lines that connect interborough areas like the G train.

One of the biggest determinants for rent is time from apartment to job. If you reduce travel times, you will reduce rent demand.

Edit: We can also stop treating SI like NJ and add a tunnel for cars AND trains.