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Applying the topicals is absolutely painstaking. The easiest method I have found is to mix the steroid ointment with lotion (I use one with urea because it helps soften the plaques really well) and then slather my whole body with it. I do it at night and wrap my arms and legs in plastic wrap to keep it in place. Sometimes I’ll even wrap my abdomen up too but that one is hard to do on my own so I don’t do it too often. When I apply it to my scalp I will wear a swim cap over it all night. It looks and feels ridiculous but it’s the only way to treat my scalp.


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Wow I had never heard of erythrodermic psoriasis. I just looked it up and that sounds terrifying. Google says you can develop pneumonia and die from it. Fortunately I haven’t experienced that before, though most of my body is covered in psoriasis. I have plaque, guttate, inverse and nail psoriasis. Steroid ointments do help but I develop a tolerance to them quickly and then they stop working until I stop using them for a while. Phototherapy works better than anything else I’ve tried but my insurance doesn’t cover it so I can’t afford it.


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There’s a few good channels out there that focus on destigmatizing people with mental illness, disabilities or physical/mental differences. SBSK is one of my favorites for this. The show runner for that channel is very compassionate and does an amazing job.