_tonsofsoul_ t1_jef3gra wrote

It's done in a semi-traditional Québec style of folk music and I agree, his voice transmits the emotion amazingly.

There is one lyric that I love (the poetry is beautiful in French):

Yesterday I met a poor man

Living in the street with noting at all

He said something I found amusing

Life is short but some parts can be really long

Keeping in the French theme, there is always Ne me quitte pas. My favorite version is by Nina Simon. The last verse is haunting:

Do not leave me

I won't cry anymore

I'm not gonna talk anymore

I will hide there

looking at you

Dance and smile

And listen to you

Sing and then laugh

let me become

The shadow of your shadow

The shadow of your hand

The shadow of your dog


Do not leave me

Do not leave me

Do not leave me

Do not leave me