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I agree with your last part, really no difference in density of Hershey products in gas stations near Hershey than anywhere else I've been in/out of the state. There's the occasional advertisement but Hershey is a novelty that wears off especially for us locals. Even though we do have a few good junk food brands I personally don't think there's as strong of a correlation between that and total number of sugary snacks consumed as some would think.


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That's wild, hard to imagine nowadays doing that with our education system being more progressive in teaching food groups and healthy eating habits even at that young of an age. Food as an incentive to positive actions feels more like something I do to train my dogs rather than children.


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It looks like this dentistry practice operates mostly out of Florida with some branch locations in Maryland. Florida being 43rd on the list feels a little strange, I want to imagine a scenario where they sent the survey to existing patients parents and the responses were in the vein of "my kid hasn't had a taste of anything sugary in their life" even though you and I both know that's not how Florida works.


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The sample size feels to me too small to conclude much but I would have assumed our state is probably more unhealthy than most without even looking at the results but not necessarily as far and beyond second worst as the survey shows. Or maybe we just have a ridiculous concentration of athletes who consume nothing but gatorade which counts as a sugary snack.