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You have no idea whats ahead. So many incredible things could happen. You buy a small home on the side of a highway, boom truck flips over and lands on part of your property, company sends a check for 200k. Lifes weird, a Boeing engine jet part lands on your roof. Million dollar settlment. You open a tiny pizza spot and in 10 years your worth over a billion dollars. Or you make an honest living, have like 2 wonderful kids and you die happy, thats more then wealth could ever bring :) im getting off track but keep your head up.


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I realize this is just not going to work for all careers, but a majority of us in the corporate world have a few emails, some pointless meetings, and a few forms or transactions or whatever we fill out during the work day. Ive found my neighbors and i can spend majority of our work day on the boat, in the garden, working on cars, getting coffee, building a deck, etc. We just need to hear that ping when we are needed. Lol

To give some examples, one of us is an engineer, he has most of his drawings and tasks done by 7am, getting minnows for fishin by 8am. Lol one of us does compliance and energy monitoring, most of his alerts go to his phone and he can shut things down remotly from there.

The rest of us sit in meetings or review docs early enough that we still have our whole day.


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As a side note. That literally is the range of my position. I may come in at 130 with 10 years experienc. But the new guy will get 80k. However my senior peers with 20 years of experience will land closer to 200k. Also depends on degree. But that is an accurate range for a senior specialst.