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it's running on a tegra so probably, let's check the wiki.

> Proprietary OS, derivative of Nintendo 3DS system software (partially Unix-like via certain components which are based on FreeBSD and Android)

probably depends on if you consider "unix-like" to be different from "linux-like".


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you definitely have used linux in your life.

have you ever used an atm? ever used a self-checkout? every looked at a live menu screen?

your smart phone uses a linux based os. playstation OS is linux.

if you ever used an electronic interface that had to be reliable, it was most likely linux based.

ever used a home wifi router? nas? a media player? your smart TV apps? all have OS based on linux.


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my wife and i have always been about top quality down and down alternative comforters. we have a few and like they all don't have the feather stems, and are built for various seasons.

we got a SILK insulated duvet from ikea, "MJUKDÅN". i think it was the "warm" one but we are in TN so maybe "light warm" is the only option, but it said warm on the shelf. it cost as much as a top-end goosedown comforter.

we love this duvet liner. the weight is nice. you can layer it with blankets or sheet on top. it doesn't get too hot. it warms up quickly and can keep you very warm and dry. it doesn't trap moisture or retain odors.

silk filled duvet liner has been our only comforter used since buying it. it's easy to clean, but not necessary to clean often, like a down comforter. we keep a sheet on top because of pet hair, and i strip that plus the sheets but leave the duvet intact and hang it out. rarely needed to wash either cover or liner.