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I've had multiple family members pass away, one as recently as last year and they have all expressed wishing they had this option.

It's important, and everyone deserves dignity and respect especially at the end of their life.


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I'm on my third appointment, and we have had only one setback and it's not major, this was just something he mentioned to look into for some extra money to have when we are finally ready, since we are able to pay down the interest rate.


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I had to go to the UMass ER a few weeks ago for what I thought was a blood clot. My husband and I were going to go to Urgent Care instead, but it was 630 am and URGENT care didn't open until 830. Just like the "emergency" room is allowing people to die from long waits, "urgent" care isn't urgent either, it's convenient for them.


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I loathe Mero-Carlson and Russel especially, but they are all terrible. I wish I had more experience or knowledge because I would run against Candy in a heartbeat. They are stuck in their ways and it's doing nothing but harm to the city and everyone that lives here.

FYI- their salaries are public knowledge, and it's A LOT of money for what they get paid to NOT do. Because, you know, they don't do anything.


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We just had our reception at Seven Saws Brewery in Holden, and it was absolutely beautiful!

We got a food truck, a photo booth, there were two fire pits, the bar with their beers, some wine, and NA choices. We had around 75 people, it was on a Sunday from 530-10.

The venue alone was 1200, everything including the venue was around 5k. Super low key, but memorable and perfect :)