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I have had a really good experience with my Globals. Going on a decade now with no visible wear and tear beyond the knife sharpening.

Easy to clean, well balanced, and durable. Some people may find the steel handle more slippery than they are used to, but it hasn’t bothered me since day 2.


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A program similar to disability where the burden of paying for the financial impact of their lack of predictable availability and productivity be shouldered by taxes, not by employers.

Someone needing this time off every month results in the employer receiving their salary from the government times 1.something to offset the major inconvenience of hiring someone with that requirement.

Otherwise, nobody will want to employ them.


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Sometimes, it’s best to just get a new thing when the old thing is a fire hazard and made with toxic materials.

Edit: Ok, so based on people challenging my parroting of the claim made elsewhere in this thread that there is lead in the glaze used in this product to support my sarcastic comment, I cannot find evidence that crock pots have been proven to have this problem. I even found an article that attempts to specifically exonerate them: https://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2017/12/08/563808879/can-your-ceramic-cookware-give-you-lead-poisoning

Regarding the fire hazard, no I will not do research to back up the science behind a pop culture reference to a current and popular TV show about a crock pot fire.