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I'm so sorry. My ex almost pulled me into one of those, as well...until I asked him, "Okay, so where do we put the piano?" I play professionally, so it's non-negotiable. Even with literally the smallest acoustic spinet piano ever built, smaller than an average buffet side-board, there still was no place to put it. Where are you supposed to put a sofa or a table & chairs in a space like that??

Oh also, similar to what you have, in the one he wanted the "kitchen" was a corridor to the living room. Literally - front door/main entrance fed into the kitchen. Like it was designed by someone who's never spent time in a house before. In fact, that kitchen had definite afterthought vibes. ("Is it a pantry or a coat closet?" Realtor: "Y-yes?") The one thing that property did have going for it was plenty of gallery walls, since it was three levels and all vertical space. Perfect for an art collector who isn't going to actually live there. Smh.


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It's fully possible to respect and believe science while remaining open to the idea that there are things we haven't yet learned how to demonstrate scientifically.

The idea that we can only respect science by staying within bounds of what is already scientifically known is...quite contrary to scientific pursuit.


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Recruiters are the worst. My cousin's wife thought she was being recruited into the Navy, arrived at boot...only to find she was a Marine. (She's a particularly dim one, so that may not have been entirely the recruiter's fault.)

Turns out, they're surprisingly easy to scare off, though. When you've already said "no" a million times, and they eventually ask, "Why? Are you scared you might have to kill someone?"...just answer, "Nah, that doesn't bother me so much. It's just that I'm pretty sure if I ever am in a situation where I have to kill someone, I'd rather do it without government sanction." As long as you can sell it like you mean it, they will. Not. Fuck with you after that. Ime.