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I’m so proud of you, friend!

I’ve never personally struggled with addiction, but I absolutely agree that truly understanding yourself often comes only after losing yourself first. I’m dealing with an almost 4-year-long autoimmune disease flareup, and I’m finally getting better (baby steps) thanks to the realization that I’m just chronically stressed out to hell because I suppressed the person I really am. I let others dictate who I should be, and I let them crush my spirit to the point where I was just constantly lost and confused and afraid. Apparently the Real Me needs to shine if I’m going to be mentally and physically healthy, who knew?


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Cool that you can control your symptoms with diet. Some of us can’t. Granted, I’ve never taken immunosuppressants to manage my IBD, but I fully understand the people who do. Chronic, never-ending flares can wreck your physical health and will wreck your mental health.


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Consciously, I feel pretty unaffected by being alone. I have been for years. No friends close enough where I can be 100% myself; the only one who really knows me right now is me. And I thought that I was fine with that, but recently a friend gave me a really long hug when I was stressed out, and I remembered how much I love being deeply connected with others. I think that I was living in a state of constant alertness and skittishness, where I was constantly having to be the only one to watch my back, and it was exhausting in a way that I didn’t realize until the weight was removed and I realized that I can trust other other people to look out for me. I had been living an “every man for himself” mentality, and it turns out that I desperately need to rely on others and be relied on to cultivate a sense of safety and security; not necessarily romantic relationships, but platonic ones.


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So they’re illegal in Canada, and they’re legal in the US, which supports their claim. I mean, I don’t see any results referencing illegality in other countries, but I have absolutely no clue how you’re inferring that it blew up in anyone’s face.


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Oh I absolutely agree that degrees can fuck you up mentally, and even physically. I’m a chemist. I’m also 3 years into an ulcerative colitis flareup that started because of the (di)stress from organic chem class back in sophomore year. The senior classes made things far worse. I was constantly swimming in homework, trying to meet deadlines, and giving up sleep and any semblance of a social life. I had a near-perfect GPA, and I was downright miserable. Luckily my first job out of college has been extremely low-stress, and it’s magnitudes easier than college.

Hang in there, chief, I know it’s not easy. Please, for the sake of your own well-being, make time to hang out with friends and/or family, even if you have to let your grades slip a little. Perfect grades aren’t worth it. Whatever field you’re shooting for, it’ll get you much farther to know someone on the inside who can recommend you to the boss. Good luck with your degree!