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Yeah its open Saturday afternoons from 1-4, the inside is actually just as interesting as the outside if not more so. It's a working mill with all sorts of spinning belts and rotors. My daughter and I picked up a fresh bag of pancake flour, the guy running the mill ground it for us.


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Anything related to math is good, we do a lot of trigonometry, geometry and basic calculus. Anything related to drafting and AutoCAD is a huge plus, being able to draft now a days is almost more important than the math aspects. Construction background can be helpful, about half the work we do is related to new land development projects. History related topics are also good, we do a lot of research reading old deeds and maps, and interpreting historic documents. Map reading abilities are also important. Plus all the "normal" stuff, like being able to use excel, word, and communicate like a competent adult.


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Not so much on the loggers deciding, it was mostly the federal government. I'm not sure about the coast range, but most of that land in the "cascades" photos are US Forest Service property. They stopped logging those areas in the 80's to protect habitat, mostly for the spotted owls.


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You can really see how the area around Mt. St. Helens has recovered. Also interesting to note on the "Cascades" photos, most everything you see between St. Helens and Adams is the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.