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My 3 cents is that you could have gone to a more “neutral” forum but no, you chose to come to the exact forum about singularity.

My counter-argument is really simple. Forget all the technical stuff because I am not expert in the field. Let’s assume that the current language model as it is going forwards would be able to do things like taking video input and give a feed back, sort of like how GPT has done on text and images but a step further, in our life time.

That would mean that at the very least, high end education would no longer be a scarce resources. It could be as accessible as porn and you no longer need to spend thousands of dollars to just get to learn or acquire those knowledge.

So what is going to happen in this situation is that the current scientific research by HUMANS would have new brain power injected exponentially. Now we have millions of people who are able to contribute because we all have access to personal tutors who understand quantum physics, ageing, medicine, material science and you name it.

There are billions of human mind on this planet so how many can contribute to those fields if we have access to an all-knowing tool that can help you with all the current human knowledge?

That includes AI research. That’s why it’s extremely unlikely that the point we are at can be slowed down unless something huge and catastrophic happen to our civilization.

I don’t know have background in coding but I could build an app with ChatGPT. I cannot draw or photoshop but I can manipulate images with Stable Diffusion. So you are so wrong. The genie is out already and you point could be valid if we were in 2018.


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The point is that when you read these exact words while I type, do you first convert those English words into visual before having an idea what I mean?

When I read, I just sort of skim thru the words without any real pause and ideas are generated. I don't even visualize anything unless the statements are about something descriptive.

You would be amazed how little communication or written language is actually used for description of the physical world. Like everything I just typed, most of them are abstract ideas so I would argue that most human beings read without visualizing anything most of the time.


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I think one of the very last job to be replace would be jobs related to taking care of babies. It's not that AI would not be able to do it but human parents would value human interation and unless humanoid AI robots that are extinguishable from humans are created, the job is not going away.

Other than that, I need to really think of a job that will NOT be replaced.


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It depends on how far the tech evolves but there is nothing mysterious about mental disorders as humans are made out of chemicals with atoms.

I would assume that once an ASI could manipulate things at atomic levels, anything which is possible scientifically can be achieved. So I guess yes


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How do you come up with this conclusion? I don’t know how you do that but if you use the same criteria, I don’t think humans are trained with less.

Even for things as simple as image recognition. Humans have the advantage of looking at an object from a continuous,infinitely high res with continuous frames as you move around to look at the object from a 3d surrounding. We also experience gravity, air flow, smell, relative size and a lot that I may miss. So how do you compare a child who see a banana in real life with multiple senses to deep learning models which just see pixels?


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It’s so weird that while I was reading your post, I really didn’t visualize anything but words itself. I was shocked that I just skim thru in totality and got what you meant. The weird thing is that I really do not remember the specific of how you get to your conclusion but a general idea.

It was as if I didn’t even pay attention to the words in your post but just sort of looked at them. You are right. We don’t need to visualize things to have thoughts.

I would say that when you see something specific and identifiable. Something which is an object, a thing, or a noun to describe real things. I can sort of picture what it is. But most of the time, I would argue that a higher dimension of reasoning, really just comes from the words and how they are combined.


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How is that reasonable? Even if there is this God mentioned and depicted accurately, how do you know there is no fabrication to leverage those stories for one’s own good? And there is also no guarantee of reward for follow through the instructions given.

The creation story could be similar across many religions and cultures but the interpretations are mostly man made imo. I don’t believe that an entity that is powerful enough to create the universe would care the slightest one bit what any of us would think of him. The separation between humans and ant may not be comparable to a god and us but we don’t really care what any ant think or do or believe.

A human like god or a creator is possible but every lessons, belief system, or ritual attached to it is so superficial imho.


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Try to live a long time and try to make a trip to other planets. Just the excitement of not knowing what to expect to see creatures from other planets is just unparalleled. You cannot even imagine how weird or familiar they would be.

The universe is huge and first we gotta build some huge and comfortable starships and we need to prepare for the ultimate frontier.

There are tons of things to do and the best of all is that you can take a long break if you choose to chill out a bit from those ventures.


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And the funny thing is that we don't even know how consciousness or creativity starts. I have a 2 year old daughter and seeing her grow every day is just amazing.

She used to just repeat what we say and did an average job. Then, she started to say some easy words without knowing meanings. About a month ago some day, she woke up as usual, and I looked at her eyes and everything changed.

It happens over night I swear. The look she has changed. Before that day, I thought of her as a being of like half conscious and half just wanting to survive by instincts. That day she looked at me and I feltl that she had started to know most of my intentions and words. Put it simply, she became a conscious human being that day.

Ever since that day, I know there is offically a new human member at home. She is still learning and is nowhere capable of what an adult can do. But I know that in essense, there is no differene between us.

Then, I tried chatgpt. To be real, I'm not a computer scientist nor an engineer but it would really really surprise me that this thing would develop anything slower than my daughter given the current state.

I think it's safe to assume that by the time my daughter is 10, AI would be able to do whatever a human can do at 99 percentile for the very least. If that is not spectacular, I don't know what is.