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What is the name of that neighborhood????

I lived and worked in Old City from 1984 until 2006. At the time we had a very active Old City Civic Association. I was asked to be on the board of directors.

There were some folks who liked calling our neighborhood Olde City. One day at a meeting of the OCCA I suggested that it would be nice if our organization could do something to get rid of that spelling. To me it seemed that it was an affectation: phony and pretentious. The president of the OCCA at that time said "Excellent idea!!" pointed at me and said "YOU are now the chairman of the 'lets get rid of the e' committee." Basically.... I was the committee.

Among the achievements: go down into the Market Frankford line station at 2nd St. Look carefully at the words "Old" on the walls. You will see little blue squares covering over the hated 'e's. At least they were there the last time I visited.


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nice shot...

i have not walked the neighborhoods with the small streets for many years. live in a different state now.

am gonna guess.




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biggest mistake i ever made at the movies.... back in the 70s I walked out of West Side Story after a few minutes... figured it would be a violent gang movie.... when the tough guys started singing and dancing, i thought 'this is whack' and left.

i missed out on a lot of magnificent music.


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Excellent photo... nicely composed. Nice exposure.

the back and forth with the other guy over your slang name for the river? childish.


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i take over the counter cetirizine tablets once a day.

But I also go to an ENT who treats allergies

I have a prescription for azelastine spray. that stuff has been a game changer.

Doctor 'kicked it up a notch' at the last visit by giving me a long acting corticosteroid shot that helped. He thinks I will need another in 4 months or so.