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Because roads in Hereford are hilly and winding and they're some of the last cleared by state tow trucks in our region. The odds that a bus/parent get stuck on a slippery uphill are much greater than that in the city where they have designated snow routes that are taken care of pretty well.

Also routinely worse conditions north of the beltway than in the city. Baltimore area generally gets less snow, most of the pre-storm prep is focused there, and it's where the most amount of trucks are out clearing early.

Feels shitty, but really makes sense.


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>I'm not surprised at how common this practice is given that city car insurance rates are barely affordable for well-off, safe drivers.

It's gotta be a huge feedback loop. Higher accident rate and uninsured motorist rate drives up the premium which just incentivizes more uninsured motorists.

After my wife's car got stolen during a home break-in, we paid almost as much in monthly insurance as we did the new car note. Otherwise flawless records on both parts...


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Yea how dare they not stick right up the ass of the car in front, those are the people really slowing traffic down.

Or maybe people leave those gaps because it's inevitable some schmuck comes and tries to merge at the last second. If they have to stop in the adjacent lane it just makes it worse for everyone else.

And covering that 20 feet only takes a second once there's actually somewhere to go....