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I haven't found that this is necessarily true. I adopted a kitty that had been living with a feral colony. The first few weeks we never even saw her but when she realized it was safe, she would come out. She still hid out at night for months. Almost six years on and she's a total lap cat! She sleeps with us, she follows me around the house like a little shadow, she even sleeps with and plays with her cat roommate. Every once in a while, she'll still hide out somewhere for several hours. And, when I find her, she doesn't display any fear. She doesn't avoid my touch, growl, or hiss. She purrs and leans into my pets. It seems like she's just found a quiet, private place for a snooze. I think some kitties who've had a hard life outside just get used to sleeping somewhere private and safe. Jumping to the conclusion that she should be tossed back outside seems rash.


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A single counter example-- Kat Von D. She's a famous tattoo artist with a cluster of small stars tattooed on her face.

Another counter example-- I knew a guy who got teardrop tattoos on his face and he's just a dude who likes shitty tattoos. He's an artist and ne'er-do-well but really doesn't have any designs on being a gangster.

You know, you're able to make inferences based on bias too. How do you know that this isn't one of them?


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I never said fatherlessness isn't a serious issue. I'm saying that you have yet to prove that it's an issue in the black community. You're taking statistics about marriage and living situation and conflating that with parental involvement. Just because two people aren't married or living together, doesn't mean that both parents aren't involved. Why do you keep making that assumption? Do you have any statistics that prove that black children are "fatherless" at a higher rate than white children?

I'm not really sure what point you're trying to make about class? You said that most leftist rhetoric isn't working class. Ok, that's not my experience. Just because you're only listening to the loudest, richest, and most influential voices, doesn't mean that lots of leftists aren't discussing real world solutions that actually make sense for them as the working class. You've been trying to push this rigid definition of leftists but at every turn you seem to move the goal posts. So, are leftists out of touch with the working class or are they actually more likely to be working class while the minority of leftists are out of touch richies?

Hahaha, yes, dude. I, as an anti-authority, queer, disabled atheist woman who comes from a family of criminals living in a dying rust belt town, know nothing of being considered a heretic!

Can you not see that this is a deflection that kinda totally proves my point? I point out that you're more concerned with confronting leftists about appearances than confronting racists about their racism and you ask me how you think I appear as a leftist confronting racism? Um, I'm not too concerned with appearances, to be honest. I don't really care if people think I'm virtue signaling or scolding or whatever. I'm not in control of what other people think. I'm in control of what I do and say. And, I do and say based on what I believe is right. If you, like others, choose to focus on how offended you are because someone said that your behavior or words could be construed as racist rather than doing the hard work that comes with examining those claims then that's on you.

Hahaha, ok, which political party that's winning, doesn't take the moral high ground, doesn't scold, doesn't virtue signal?

No, I absolutely do not think that union heads were chastising workers for their social prejudices. Know why? Because it's pretty well known that the early unions were extremely racist and discriminatory. They didn't bring together a diverse group of working class men". In fact, you'd be amazed at how many unions were started because of or motivated by the threat of cheap black labor or simply integration. It's believed that black wealth has fallen so far behind in large part because of the discrimination and exclusion of black people in unions for decades. That bigotry was never overcome. Instead it was institutionalized. So, yeah, the union was successful... at improving the status of lots of white folks at the expense of black folks. Are you sure that this is the model that you'd like to follow?


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Haha, this is so confusing! So you don't take no shit but you also don't protest but you also just say "fuck it" but you also don't complain? Why is it so great to not protest and not bitch? Does that mean that gen x agreed with the status quo, that they just quietly took whatever shit was handed to them? And, if they didn't take that shit that was handed to them then how can you say they didn't protest? What exactly are you saying "fuck it" to? If I look at videos or pictures of protests from the last few decades, you're saying I won't see any gen xers?

Oh, and you definitely shouldn't make the mistake of thinking that gen xers don't ever bitch. I see it any time the divide between millennials and boomers is brought up-- always a bunch of angsty complaints about how everyone forgets about them even though they're sooo much better than all the other generations.