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If you have to live near Killington your living options are very limited. Rutland is the biggest community. There are lots of tiny towns that might feel very isolated. As for racism I'm not sure.


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Well, Richford is not really in the Northeast Kibgdom. It's on the Canadian border in Franklin County. It's pretty close, 30-40 minutes, to St Albans where there is a hospital, shopping, a movie theater, etc. It is definitely not entirely isolated. I was there recently and it's pretty rundown. It's been economically disadvantaged for a while. Don't trust cell company or national broadband maps. I'd call the town office to see if there really is service where you are planning to move to.


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This sounds fake. Do we even give tickets without stopping the driver? I know some states use radar and cameras, but do we?


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Depends on where you are, somewhat. For 30+ years we have been very satisfied customers at the National Bank of Middlebury.