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It's also strongly encouraging the ukranian govt to clean house and crack down HARD on corruption in order to keep arms and money flowing. Their continued existence depends on weeding out the assholes, so it'll be interesting how long it takes to change the culturally accepted level of corruption in peacetime.


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I know everyone says lots of smaller countries are much worse than one big one, but there's definitely a population between 1.5bn and 1 that's more stable than 1.5bn...the point where the power those small nations hold is too small for their inherent instability to matter.

Montenegro isn't going around picking on other nations, while China is happily spying and murdering and threatening and generally having an overall negative impact on the world.


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I mean, with that approach there are 15 other countries with higher per cap emissions. This shouldn't be a whatabout issue, this should be a "yes, what china's doing sucks and should stop" issue.

US emissions are also a problem, yes. Now, back to China, which is the topic at hand.


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Sorry, wouldn't the math be 10 out of every 100 murders are by an intimate partner, and 7 of those 10 are women?

AKA 7 murders out of every 100 are women killed by an intimate partner


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The status quo has created massive income inequality, and is rapidly driving the US towards a breaking point as a result. Google's tax rate isn't low because employee comp and R&D, it's low because they spend massive amounts of time and money figuring out how NOT to put money back into the economy. We need to fundamentally change the way we approach corporate taxes in order to return some equality to the people.


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Businesses don't give two shits about what the landscape will look like in 50 years. Sustainability would require them to give up some profits in the short term, which is unacceptable for most. Just look at the fishing industry!

Also, new forests are nowhere near as effective at carbon capture and storage as old-growth forests.


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While that's true, we'll be getting rid of a big chunk of the lead-damaged people. They're the source of a lot of the anger and pure insanity we've been seeing, and they've been spreading it to their families.


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That study was a hot mess of terrible methodologies, and was run by an australian ultra right-wing anti-drug organization.

FYI, take all of those findings with a massive pile of salt.


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Mushrooms use something similar for communication between fruiting bodies, specifically sending electrical signals over distances using mycelial threads called hyphae. Within the fruiting bodies (what people think of as mushrooms), I believe it's mostly chemical signaling. Plants also generally use chemical signals, via releasing VOCs, secreting chemicals into the soil, or by sending them through the same channels used for water and nutrients.