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I dont think it's any where near all cops. But the good cops that let the bad cops get away with it are as much of the problem.

And police gangs taking over senior positions then demoting and terrorizing the good cops I'd say is the majority of the problem. And I'm including senior positions in the unions that intentionally protect the bad cops. It is full blown organized crime.

But the difference is you join the mob you know you joined the mob, I still think many join the police force to do good, some get corrupt, some get removed because they won't go corrupt.


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I like the water ape theory. We evolved in trees then spent a lot of time in a shallow water environment where walking on 2 legs is more effective and easier. Then moved to land and became the most efficient runners on the planet able to chase animals till they can't run away anymore.

This explains some other odd human traits, why new borns can swim and why our hands and feet wrinkle in water (to increase surface area and traction)


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I agree with this. I just don't like the way it's worded, no they wont come to you like they are guided by fate.

Purely through statistics you will meet many people in your life and the good ones will stick with you.

You can't sit at home expecting to make friends, you must get out and meet people, through sports, activities, classes, shopping yada yada


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Ya the people scared of it destroying jobs haven't used it.

All those articles saying I made a website with chat gpt, don't tell you that they had to rephrase every question five times, and had to ask 50 different questions. Then cut and paste a bunch of stuff, debug it, yada yada. Someone with the experience likely could have made that site quicker.

Chatgpt is an assistant not a replacement. And I think it works very well to do annoying menial tasks. Like converting things, I've used it to convert, delimited data into a text only human readable table, which can be done with other tools but was very simple with chat GPT saved me 2 minutes of googling then probably signing up for some site, and seeing 20 ads, and getting annoying emails for the rest of my life.


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No I was replying to the comment that doubling wages would be corporate suicide, yet Microsoft and Amazon literally did just that and seamed to not suffer at all from it.


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I said if you want more money. There's a big difference between working 8 hours to barely survive and working 4 hours to barely survive.

If you equate money to happiness then you can work 3 or 4 jobs if you want. If you equate free time, family, friends, hobbies yada yada with happiness you can work one job 4 hours a day. It's your choice and that's the point.


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What a novel idea, work 2 different jobs 4 hours each for more money.

BTW you may be surprised to learn many many people don't work 100% of the time they are currently payed to work. People tend to be alot more productive when they are at work less, as shown in many studies like this one

There's no law saying that you can't go and get a second job if you want more money, and that gives even more power and options to the people. I would say that would even bring back the old concept that work hard to get money. I'd say in modern corporate structure working hard quite often gets you nothing, sometimes even gets you punished


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You wouldn't, but the point is to improve peoples lives, so save pay half the hours would help a whole lot with quality of life. Id also say depending on the exact job productivity wound be more than half and quality would be higher. Happy people are better workers


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It's quite complicated but a company generally only goes to 0 when they declare bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy means they will no longer exist (sold off to pay debtor's), however can can declare chapter 11 where they work with debtors to pay down the debt, they still need exist as a company. Stocks fall that low because the company is dead, the company does not die because the stock is that low.

I also should not have said a stock price of zero, but should have said virtually zero, such as movie pass now at 0.0001$.

can stocks go to zero


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It's stock market suicide maybe, the corporation can still exist with a stock price of zero. They would just have a hard time keeping a CEO or issuing new stocks to raise cash.

Microsoft last year doubled their salary budget, and increased their employees stock options by 25%. In an effort to retain their employees. Microsoft stock didnt seam to move when they announced this in May of 2022.

Edit: Amazon actually did the same thing last year, except for they increase theirs by a little bit more than double