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Reply to Justice! by dragongrl

I saw one that didn’t clean off the windshield. He was peering out the top of the windshield where gravity had made the snow drop about 6 inches.


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I’m going to throw my hometown of Hackensack into the mix. It’s a little farther from NYC, but still very close. It has a good mix of ethnicities and lifestyles, good food, and is safe. The fire department is top-notch, and the schools are very underrated. Rents have been rising, but are still lower than JC or Hoboken, and buying a house or condo is probably within reach if you decide to stay.

Nowhere is perfect, but it’s pretty good.


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Nah, he was born in 1913, so there was no NJ Turnpike or Garden State Parkway yet. Route 1 and Route 9 were not called by those names until 1926, although there were roads there already. He was born a long time ago 😀


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Raritan itself is not bad. Small downtown with some places to eat, etc., but it’s also all the places everyone has mentioned, and has good access to highways. Low taxes for NJ, and there’s a train station as well.