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Read this article about Trump’s administration not even knowing how many veterans they deported.

You can accuse me of lying all you want. I am not impressed with an attempt to use one single article to cover all reported veterans through decades of multiple administrations.



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He banned Muslims entering the country. He separated children we are just now reuniting with their families. Obama had implemented a military employment plan that was tied to citizenship apparently. Trump tried to wash people out then deport them if I understood properly.


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There were at least three administrations involved—Bush, Obama, Trump. Some of the earliest cases were personnel who joined after 9-11 on the promise of citizenship after service. Apparently, the military failed to explain/gave misinformation and a number of personnel were deported because they never became citizens. Different flavors developed over the years apparently but some of it was from Trump trying to undo Obama’s program.


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In American law enforcement, apparently the only thing required to determine a suspect is Black is announcing the subject is Black.

That’s part of the reason why the FBI states no racial inferences should be made using its annual crime report. Some other reasons not to trust the annual crime report? Incomplete and intentionally inaccurate reporting to the FBI.

BTW, the FBI has stated for decades that white supremacist organizations have been infiltrating law enforcement agencies at all levels of government. Any racial data produced by them should be rejected out of hand.

EDIT: here is an early FBI report on penetration of law enforcement by white supremacist organizations issued in 2006. A redacted copy became public in 2017. This unredacted copy was made public in 2020.