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It has to do with you knowing full well what everyone here is talking about and pretending like you just walked out of the woods and don't know what chick fil a is despite showing up on purpose to comment on it. It's tired, boring, and unimaginative. Like you!

Anyway hope you're enjoying yourself, I won't be responding anymore and I hope others will follow my lead. Later troll


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Overrated, boring chicken. Popeye's, Mary Brown's, hell even KFC before those lame bigots and their mediocre chicken. The In-N-Out of chicken. Though INO is much more passive with their religious fervour, and from what I gather, treat their employees much better.


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Rain your downvotes on me by all means, you know I'm right and every one is confirmation of it. Honestly it'd be a little sad if the world's most grotesquely funded military wasn't maintaining their stuff well, wouldn't it?


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Mostly people say that because it gives them an opportunity to think of something to say. Politicians use these kinds of things a LOT, so they can think of something clever sounding (or what they think is clever sounding) to respond to journalists.

"You know my team and I have been spending a lot of time talking about that very issue, Bob" (I'm barely familiar with whatever you just said and my assistant is going to give me the talking points about this on the bus so I'll have a better answer for this question when I get asked it 5 more times today.)

"I'm glad you brought that up, because I think that's a question that a lot of people here in (town/state) have, and I'm glad that finally my party has an answer for them." (Proceeds to give that "answer" in the broadest terms possible, like "we're bringing jobs back to (area)!" or "that's why that once we're elected, we're going to make these streets safe again!")


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Many, many, many pros would shoot test shots on Polaroid at shoots to get a baseline idea of what stuff would look like. Without the instant feedback we have now with digital, you had no idea what it would look like after developing so it was incredibly common to shoot a fair number of Polaroids to help gauge light levels and balance, etc. Obviously very few of these were used for anything but a rough reference, but pro photogs of the time would definitely have had plenty of polaroid film around.


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