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Tbh whatever we have now is definitely not capitalism but some weird mercantilism based techno post-feudalism with old school clientilism and nepotism. Basically entire world is slowly turning into something between Chinese and Gulf-states model.

Capitalism, based on competition and free market is dead


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Of course there is, but the audience is not the court of law but the general public who then go and vote in elections.

Lex Fridman is really vile, he asserts himself as a scientists, computer researcher etc, and his podcasts were first about that. But then he expanded to psychology, politics, sociology, topics which he has zero authority in


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I enjoyed reading your article and I think the point made is a very important one. I feel we get this more and more in the public discourse, with people like Joe Rogan (or L. Fridman, Andrew Huberman) inviting guests to their podcasts and discussing topics way way outside of their field of expertise. Because of large listening base, these people start spouting their own uninformed opinions on variety of topics, and un-critical listener will think they are listening to experts...


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So i am thinking the function of a doctor will remain, as the key orchestrator of the entire process. A person close to me is a medic, and from the stories I'm told it would be I think impossible to replace a human. Especially when a psychological aspects of the interaction affect the entire process, like wiligness to undergo or not a certain tests, try medicine, following up etc.


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In most of the "third world" (whats the pc term nowadays?) You can buy antibiotics for peanuts at every cornershop. This coupled with high reproduction rates and low age of child bearing accelerates bacterial antibiotic resistance really well!!