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>Are they implying that they ate her?

They definitely boiled parts of her with carrots/turnips as if they are additions to a soup.

The whole crime is currently all over the news in Hong Kong. I don't think there's anything shocking like this before. She's also a socialite so the attention to that is even greater.

Her mom's devastated right now and any mom would be since she was so brutally murdered and desecrated.


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It's interesting that Russian election interference on Canada in favour of the far-right didn't attract nearly enough attention. It's like people accept it as a fact. Then when it comes to China, people get whipped into a frenzy.

I should also add that interference on foreign country's politics is something that Western countries often do. It's just it's legitimized and people don't bat an eye because of that.


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>What does that have to do with anything? The vaccine has poor efficacy against the variant. The data proves this. There could be a single person infected with a variant and such a study would still be conclusive because you are just testing A vs B.

It matters because the study only measures one dimension of vaccine-related data and not others. If you even bother to read the last paragraph of the Yale article, it reads

Although the lab suggests an association between vaccine efficacy against specific variants, in the real world we are identifying that the clinical-epidemiological behavior does not correlate 100% with what is observed in-vitro.

This is essentially an in vitro vs in vivo problem which is a well-known factor to consider in science when extrapolating results of studies to actual outcome in the real world.

It's not something I expect an average person would understand of course. They'd just cherrypick a few sentences or get a summary from a similarly misinformed acquaintance and then move on from there.

> Define “considerable”?

You can look up the actual numbers in the Lancet study. It's documented right there if you bothered to read.

> Nothing China has done has been sensible or smart. Everything they have done, since the beginning of the pandemic which they fucking started, has been either inept, self centred or down right malicious.

I think this basically describes your position on all this. Everything China does is wrong or bad and you are really shopping for facts that support this stance. In that case, nothing I say can sway you because you already made up your mind.


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>Sinovac is basically useless against Omicron on its own
>none of the patients in the study produced neutralizing antibodies against the Omicron variant

A few problems here. First, this study was done a very long time ago with much of the data collected before Omicron really hit the world. Second, antibody count are not necessarily reliable measurements of vaccine effectiveness w.r.t. infection. Third, there are later literature that indicate Sinovac still offers considerable protect, e.g.:

What's undeniable is that mRNA vaccines are more effective than non-mRNA vaccines. However, it would be misinformation to say it's useless and some subs actually have rules against this especially on topic related to medicine.


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>Isn't sinovac 90% efficacy with 3 doses?

The prevailing propaganda here is that Chinese vaccines are useless and it's repeated over and over by people until everyone believes it. With that said, I am not sure about 90% but many studies reported it's still quite effective against severe symptoms compared to unvaccinated.


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>I would not be so quick to declare the Soviet Famines of 1930-1933 as genocide(s)
>. BadEmpanada did a long-form analysis video of this matter (and how it's discussed) which I'd recommend watching.

Reddit: Unpopular opinion - DOWNVOTE

I will give you my upvote. This is a politically-charged and not an academic decision. The Western nations have a tendency of doing these things. The classification of genocide itself is controversial.

Genocide or not, it was a horrible crime in itself.