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More bad faith arguments. He didn't just run out the very second he woke up without Frankenstein having time to say anything. He woke up and his creator immediately started screaming at him that he was an abomination and should never have been created while acting physically threatening. Every human he met after that treated him with immediate fear and distrust while driving him off. Did you forget that humans have to be taught empathy/sympathy? He was born as a blank slate and was only shown hostility of course that was all he knew.


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Your argument is in bad faith because even if something/ someone is born fully sapient they are still ignorant. The "monster" was given no chance to adjust to his sudden existence. You people are putting all the blame on the monster despite him being the only innocent character in the story. Every living creature has a need to survive brain washed into the deepest part of our brains you can't expect him to just give up and die because everyone dislikes him, there is a reason a right to life is included in the constitution of nearly every free country on the planet.


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Honestly in this case I don't even think it was about his age. Reaaally imagine what this dad went through before his daughter got the kidney. To see your kid wither away forced to go through dialysis( which I've heard is pretty fucking awful) day after day, then the relief when they finally got better. If I was in his shoes I can imagine I'd want to do the same for someone else going through something so horrible, and let their family get that same relief mine got to enjoy.