afedyuki t1_j9lzlbb wrote

Internet is interfering with the ruling class ability to indoctrinate and misinform. It also allows people a certain degree of free association, something else they don't like. Doh, of course they are doing everything they can to make it useless. This is 21st century equivalent of burning books (their favorite pastime), that's all.


afedyuki t1_iyjo3ks wrote

Because Capitalists don't have a free reign at them and their social programs did not get completely pilfered by a bunch of rich sociopaths?

Here in US, HUD housing got defunded into the ground. Mental healthcare is run by drug dealers. All the housing is owned by a handful of cartels who also own all the companies as well as politicians who made all that legal. Yeah... it's pretty much a Banana Republic with nukes at this point.