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While horror nights at McCormick's are usually awesome content, but it's as dead as disco for meeting people. It's usually a handful of people who either came as a small group. Also there's a movie playing, so people generally are trying to listen to it. Although, for classic scenes everyone can recreate the dialog or joke around.


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Beer is good. Food is mediocre. I've been there multiple times. Every time it's taken close to an hour and a half to get pizza. I got food last night that came out undercooked.

I had to go to the bar order drinks / get refills. Server never checked on us after we got our food.


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Sorry. Been kind of obsessed with vampires since I've been watching Interview with a Vampire.

This is the first time I've heard of that rumor. I grew up just outside of the Springs.

The closest haunted tales near me were the Shirley plantation stories, the West point light, and the Barhamsville House of Pain.