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Penn has a dedicated Comprehensive ALS Center, and you can see the physicians listed there (Lauren Elman, Colin Quinn, Defne Amado). So does Jefferson, and it seems the ALS neurologist there is Hristelina Ilieva.

However, while a comprehensive ALS center is the best place for someone who has ALS, that might not be what a person who is still undergoing work-up needs. These centers are targeted at treating people who actually have ALS, and so they may have criteria about who they see. You might also be able to see someone else faster.


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While the video shows nothing about why he was cuffed in the first place and whether or not it was justified, once the video started rolling the cops aren't acting violently. They hold his arms trying to restrain him. They don't beat him or taze him. And when he gets away, they don't chase him. They don't taze him or god forbid shoot him.


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It is a very high number, but it probably has a smaller number of individuals getting multiple transports.

Looking a little more closely, I think this includes more than emergency ambulance transports. It says there are 1,121 "total 9-1-1- ambulance tours" per day, which rounds out to 409,165 per year. Which is a lot, but also a lot less than the 1,092,752 "hospital transports" listed. So that larger number presumably includes non-emergency transports (and potentially lower levels of care than a full ambulance).


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Eh, I don't think the match is the issue. I think it would be worse for residents on a more open market system.

The issue is they've got you over the barrel. You've got hundreds of thousands of debt on one end and need residency to get to the actual income on the other. And there are more people who want those spots than positions to fill.

You can't counter that imbalance with a one-on-one negotiation. You need a union - and even then.


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> Penn has more money, in endowment - sitting there making more money, than the GDP of like 80 countries. They have more money at their disposable than more than 10x the GDP of almost every state.

Penn's endowment is $20.7 billion. That is a lot.

The lowest GDP of any state is Vermont, at $40.2 billion