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A fair point, and if the overpayment were the only issue with this whole thing, then we could probably learn to live with that. Unfortunately, the problems run so much deeper than just that. Right now, DC has created a system that incentivizes landlords to cash in without providing any other essential services whatsoever, setting the entire living arrangement up for failure. Much like the federal student loan system where colleges don't care about your ability to afford college or whether or not the quality of the education is worth the price of tuition. They can jack up tuition as high as they want and phone it in knowing they get their check from the government up front. Both systems rely on overpayment with the good intention of expanding access to those who could otherwise not afford it. But without actually accountability, this is how they inevitably end up.


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Interesting. It mentions in these articles that the DC Council eventually passed a law closing the loophole that previously allowed landlords to keep rates high in rent-controlled units after they were leased by a voucher-holder who then moved out, rather than having to revert back to the rent-controlled rate. It remained unfunded for a while, but was "eventually" funded it seems. Do you know if this law is still on the books? Is this loophole closure still being funded? Can't seem to find any recent information about it.