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> In  case anyone needs a refresher, Luckhurst drew international headlines after he gave a homeless man the feces sandwich. SAPD fired Luckhurst, then a bike officer, over the incident. However, a third-party arbitrator returned him to the force three years later.

> Luckhurst was terminated a second time after a separate investigation found that he left an unflushed turd in a women's restroom at a downtown police station and smeared a brown substance on the the toilet seat after a female officer requested that staff keep the restroom clean.

> In 2020, an arbitrator upheld the second firing.

So trying to feed someone literal shit is ok with an arbitrator, but terrible toilet etiquette is too far. Good to know, Texas. Good to know...

Can we just let them secede already? Please? They already have their own power grid...


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Generally a fear of locker room nudity boils down to 1 of 2 issues: fear of being judged (low self-esteem or body image), or fear of someone "losing control" at the sight of you (homophobia).

So you either are afraid of someone sexually assaulting you, or you think your penis is tiny. Either way, here's a secret: No one cares. Just don't go swinging your junk in someone's face.