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I don't think anyone fully understands it. Comments on the other post suggested effects of the pandemic and George Floyd protests. It will be interesting to see what data the CDC publish in the future to see if it returns to the previous values.


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This post is a variation of the post that u/academiaadvice made, with some tweaks.

I added the "baseline" rate. This is the mean +/- one standard deviation in the period January 1999 to April 2020. This excludes September 2001, which is considered an outlier. The choice to exclude the period after April 2020 is based on the comments left on the other post.

The values also take the population of the USA and days per month into account. The y-axis is given in units per day per 100,000,000 people. As a rough guide, you can multiply the values by about 100 to get the number of homicide deaths for a given month. (For example, in September 2001, there were approximately 5,000 homicides.)

Sources: Homicide: Population:

Tools: Python (pandas+matplotlib)

Thanks to u/academiaadvice for the inspiration and data source!