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I think the point I’m making is how would you know? Dalle2 at least has a marker in the corner but anyone could take a picture of several building they like and input them to an algorithm that would give them something unique that they can even modify to the finest of details. How would you know if that level of interaction/back and forth happened or not? Are you just going to say “bah, just another AI invention”. In fact, how do you even know something is AI in the first place never mind all the possibilities to have a human made it.

Your provided examples are pretty basic. The kind of crap we see shared on social media. But the actual possibilities are endless. To continue my own example, just imagine the ability to take that picture of a building you refined with AI and now have the structural schematics including all the load values and other architectural requirements generated for you to meet building codes. This could even go so far as to create an IKEA style instruction guide on how to build along with truck full of parts delivered by machine and, well even have machines put it together for you.

Have we really lost out creatively with this or gained infinitely from it?

This reminds me of the origin of the word sabotage in that the cottage industry workers, who feared losing their jobs to machines threw their wooden shoes called sabots into the machinery. But mass production has made all our lives so much easier. AI had the ability to turn our world into Eden and unlock the stars and even the secrets to space and time itself.


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Unlike mass production AI and home production of high quality goods will be individualistic just like any cottage industry of the past. If a woman has an AI design an outrageous outfit for some fashion event and manufactured for her by some fancy new machine is it not representative of that persons desires should they be seen wearing it at the oscars in the year 3000? Things are not valuable just because they are made by human hands. You are confusing the limited, dull mass production of times gone past with the endless possibilities of the future. Let’s not forget how we’ll likely have a lot more time on our hands to be creative with the tools that AI can provide, whilst not having to work a boring, meaningless job to put food on the table.