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You can use this effect to chill some cans of soda or beer very quickly. Put just enough cold tap water to submerge your cans+ice cube+salt in a bowl and slowly stir with a long spoon until the cubes *melt.Wait a minute & give the can a short wash under cold tapwater (to wash off the saltwater)

Edit: Non-native English speaker here. I used molten there since it is interchangable in German 'geschmolzen' as incorrect past tense of 'melt' for describing the phase change of a substance from solid to liquid. The German term works with glaciers, ice cubes, rock and steel. I see it makes no sense in English like this. Thanks for correcting me. Must be painful to browse reddit, lol.


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That's likely why a lot of the circle from the previous government are hanging out in Florida right now.

Some of them suspiciously abandonning their jobs days before their scheduled holiday or relief, likely just to be out before shit went down and avoid getting arrested if it failed.

Each week they arresting new groups (prolly over well over 2000 by now) of involved that they identified from social media, phone network activity or via financial contributions. They'll hopefully work their way up soon enough by the time certain US visas expire.


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Well, there have been quite a few reports in the past weeks the police and military was finally being activated in Brazil and send out against illegal mining barges and equipment being destroyed & ~20.000 "garimperos" -- illegal prospectors (that tend to set fires and murder indigeous people, activists, reporters, local politicians against mining or goverment officials in conservation jobs) being arrested or driven out of the region.

Those guys had grown to milita forces in the past years, going so far to assaulting whole villages and police outpost. Lots of activists were assasinated in the past years.

The previous government basically turned a blind eye to all of it and some people in there had been previously investigated for illegal trade and export of protected wood.

The Amazon is really far out from most of the population centers and some regions take several days to reach, so it was quite a mobilization effort.


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Once upon a time when an enclosure, m.2 to pcie adapter, used midrange GPU and semi-dodgy activation tool to play most games at high detail on the common resolution cost ~$200 together, it was a great option and the reduction in performance from the narrow bandwith & extra latency was surprisingly low.

A lot of the time you'd still be held back by affordable laptop CPUs being dual cores and the process being fiddly as hell provided you had the magic combination of good wiring, enough addressable memory to recognize the card, a card with a driver that would not forbit you this (I'm looking at you, NVIDIA) and no bios whitelisting on that m.2 port.

PCIe over thunderbolt made the process a lot easier, reliable and less likely to fry your laptops motherboard or set your dest on fire,, but $200+ just for the enclosure was just too much, esp since the fancy & slim laptops that'd you'd do this with still had very core and thermally limited CPUs most of the time.

Now it makes even less sense when a dedicated card makes up at least half of any decent builds cost & drivers are even more locked down, just people keep the buying the very lucrative, yet underperforming and misbadged mobile GPUs.


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The missle accelerated faster to a fraction of c while the generational ship ramped it's speed up (and then down) slowly in comparison, since it was humungus in size?

That wouldn't make much of a difference over 65m years, since even at 1g acceleration you get to 10% of c in a few decades.


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Dodos were small & Mammoths were huge.

Then with size also comes benefits on how much impact surface decay has, not to mention that Mammoth carcasses can be found in vast areas with climate and geology that helped to conserve it near indefinely (though not for long anymore, thanks to global warming), while the other lived in a small area with climate&conditions awful for conservation.


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IMO It should be noted that people falling/hopping in front or getting caught on a grade crossing by a train is massively dominating the fatality statistics.

Fatalities from derailments and train on train crashes are minuscle in comparison at least in Japan.