aknabi t1_iuem369 wrote

I am the OP and indeed basically my point... as much as it pains me I believe the right wing fascists (USA or elsewhere) will continue to grow in power simply because so many get their underwear in a bunch over "finding and correcting the right vocabulary in order to have a dialog about a inclusive conservation to discuss equity across stakeholders" or some other navel gazing bullsh*t to avoid having to fight the fight. In the meantime those fascists douchebags are taking away rights, territory and country... yeah buddy, we're in a war and propaganda is a serious part of it... and yeah if Russians don't want to make the sacrifice to get rid of Putin, F them... same thing in the US... if the country (this includes independents and liberals) doesn't want to step up to stop this white nationalist fascism (which just means getting up early, standing in line for day and jumping through whatever hoops are being used to stop the vote)... then F them as well.

I find I odd that a few folks downvoted you... guess they miss Saddam, Osama and Gadhafi... and seeing by up votes can tell either the trolls are here or some serious dumbfuqs.