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Nah, that was the highlight of the post! I couldn't find the original Vonnegut quote about Eliot, but the Missouri line was stolen from him.

I love talking shit on Eliot, worth every downvote.


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Are you suggesting that I'm also /u/TS__Eliot? Because I would never shit-post under that name. The User did try to clap-back with a Greek and Latin insult, but then deleted their comment before I had a chance to make fun of them for being antisemitic, and also for writing a terrible opinion piece on William Blake.

God I hate TS Eliot so much


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Shoel is the Jewish underworld, Hades is the Greek Underworld, Tartarus is the Greek Cosmic Prison for spirits (I think it's Titans in the original myth, the Bible references it as a prison for naughty angels), and Gehenna is a literal burning trash-pit outside of Jerusalem, where unwanted corpses were tossed, and human sacrifices and cult activity was notorious. 90% of the Jesus quotes about "burning in Hell" are referencing the trash pit, but "the worm never hungers in Gehenna" just doesn't have the same punch when you're trying to scare the sin out of people.


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I know, that's what makes it so crazy. As indicated in the title, the concept is called "Royal perogative," and it supersedes the public domain. Only Printers with the letters patent can print new copies.


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Ugh, here's TS Eliot showing up to "WELL ACTUALLY" my post.

You know what I think about the Wasteland? Waste of Time. You attributed to Pamela Colman Smith's modern Tarot designs to the classical deck. Sloppy!

TS Eliot loves to pretend he's British, but he's from Missouri, just for the record. He's a bad poet and a poser.


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It was a 2 hour youtube lecture that I can't seem to find again, a non-theological Bible Study thing that was exploring the concept of the "Cosmic Devil," the folklore version of a Lucifer-figure that just doesn't actually show up anywhere in the Bible.

Unfortunately, searching youtube for variations on "Cosmic Devil lecture" just serves up a bunch of bonkers conspiracy pages.


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In my defense, I was researching Hell when I stumbled on the fact!

The King James Bible standardized calling everything "Hell" when there are four distinct locations described (Hades, Sheol, Tartarus, and Gehenna), and none of them are the "Lake of Fire" concept that gets referenced in Revelations.