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I do agree on that front, but at the same time isn’t it rather easy to share the process and therefore demonstrate that the art was handmade?

Sorry for the parallel but can’t help but compare it to my current line of work. Machines are able to recreate exactly what I create, down to the details. But I can share easily how it’s handmade by providing my work process and therefore my work isn’t questioned anymore. This is something that’s highly present in fashion as well where they’re competing against fast fashion, or sculptures against 3D printing.


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Well yes, that’s just how the internet is. I’ve been called stupid in this social more times than I can count just for asking questions. But if you ignore all the surface-level insults and you focus on the responses that actually provide an insightful point of view, you could actually broaden your vision, whether they agree with you or not.

Overall it’s all your choice but personally I’d find it extremely boring if every person agreed with me or had my same interests/ideas. It’s all about where you decide to focus on.


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No, I think that you’re misunderstanding something here. Me saying that something is cool does not exclude the scientific and medical research that has been put through and its purpose. Every single medical treatment has a side effect, and honestly, the fact that unlike some other potential treatments that can be a possible cause of death, this one causes bioluminescence, is pretty damn rad. I don’t understand what you’re trying to imply here, you’re bothered that I got excited by two interesting researchers?