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id say game devs would be more inclined to make better games from that point, because games will last much longer, and i wager the price of games will go up to 70 or even 80$ at that point.

what will really help consumers will be the modding community taking full advantage of the new AI features


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I talk about this subject alot recently, but heres a couple of things:

1- Infinite quest generation

2- Ability to communicate with NPC's like real humans (chatGPT)

3- Ability to create levels, characters, art. Basically infinite content/dlc

This is just a few things It will be able to do, and since chatGPT is here, Im hoping within a few years we will have AI NPC's that make their own decisions and constantly evolve.


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I tried using google assistant, "What are the calories in a ferrero rocher?" gives me an article from 2010 saying its 75 cals, then i ask it "do you have any articles that are more recent?"

and it just gives me an article...about recent articles.

ChatGPT on the other hand gets it, talks to you like a real person and remembers everything you said already, oh and knows CONTEXT. the biggest advantage it has, very impressive tech


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No, I do not underestimate it, I truly think its impossible, at least for a very very long time. while you can copy it, you can't MOVE it, moving it would mean you somehow, some way, transform my brain into code while not killing me in the process, and then putting that into a machine, again, without killing me.

you can easily scan the brain and its signals and just translate that into code and input that into a machine yes, but you can't move the brain and "me" into that machine, you can just input a copy of me in it. hope that makes sense


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explain how you move and convert my brain signals from organic meat into crystals or in digital form.

do you copy the signals or do you literally somehow move them? moving them would mean they are no longer in the brain, copying would mean its just a clone, not me.

simulating myself in a virtual world would just be stimulating the brain and simulating the effect within the game, similar to vr and how it tracks movement, motion tracking, but instead of motion tracking its brain tracking


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you shed skin, where does it go?

imagine your shredded skin as your previous atoms, you are constantly changing, regenerating, healing being damaged, so on, that's how the body works, a human body sheds like 1000 skin cells per minute or something along those lines, i dont remember the eaxt number


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correct, you can't simply "Teleport" without literally dying, you are deconstructed on an atomic level, then reconstructed again, who is to say it was the same exact atoms used? even if they were, you are already gone, you are just reconstructed the way you were, but who is to say its actually you? maybe you are dead, and thats just the perfect copy of you.

all in all, if your brain dies, you die with it


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that actually seems like the worst "shortcut" for immortality, once these billionaires get it, who is to say you cant just turn off their copies? its just lines of codes, its not a living human, its a copy of them.

now if you took the route of biology and bioengineering and prolong your existing life by many different ways, thats a whole different story, thats true immortality


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your copy is indeed "you" and thinks it's "you". if you met your copy and told it you are the original, would it care? Probably not, now there are two of you, but the copy will always know it's not the original, its different, even if its the perfect copy, you two will always be different in many ways


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which is more realistic, considering every 16 months or so, i dont remember the exact number, every atom in your body will be different, meaning you are a whole new person to what you were 16 months ago.

the philosophy of Ship of theseus, is it still the same ship if you replace every part?

Seems to be the same, clearly we think so


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the best way to achieve "immortality" is keeping yourself alive, or at the very least transplanting your entire brain. which is in this case "you".

no brain = no you

you = specific signals in the brain

you can't just move that in code form onto a machine, thankfully im not the only one who realized this


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7900xtx matches or sometimes is better at rez performance than the 4080 while being 200$ cheaper, however it's rtx performance is 2 years old, about matching the 3090ti rtx performance.