alexander1701 t1_ja97u2y wrote

According to the article, the White House has confirmed that no Chinese weapons have been sent to Russia.

We should all be glad that China resents the implication that they were going to send weapons, and be mindful that Russia's disinformation network is extensive, and has a vested interest in goading China this way, to make headlines that will sound hypocritical in China.


alexander1701 t1_j0olgh6 wrote

Not really. Like, almost all conspiracy theories rely on trusting unverified accounts from strangers. Someone who believes in Qanon, for example, is implicitly trusting an anonymous voice on 4chan, treating them as totally reputable without any kind of proof.

Conspiracy theories spread because it's appealing to think you know more than other people. A secret alternate history of the Kennedy assassination or something that suggests that your political opponents are being manipulated by shadowy forces will make the people who believe it feel like they're better than other people, and so they'll trust it without question.