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Gamecube and Wii are the first Nintendo consoles where this can be done completely legally, as they use discs instead of cartridges, and the official controllers have official ways to connect them over USB or bluetooth.

Additionally, it's likely not a coincidence that this only will be released after the storefront on the Wii U is closed.


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It's only available used, but have a look at the Alphasmart Neo 2.

I'll quote a description from another thread.

> [...] > > These things are dirt-cheap, usually $30 or less. They were built to use in schools and the like years ago, and most of them barely saw any use at all as laptops came out and took over their role. There are a ton of them coming up for sale on eBay that are as close to brand new as they could possibly be. They save files internally, and you can output them to your desktop computer by plugging it in and hitting the send button (it'll emulate a keyboard and type the document straight into something on your computer). There's also a program that can directly import the files, but I'm not sure if that program still works (haven't used it in years - send works). > > You put a pair of regular old batteries in this thing and it'll run -forever-. They last literally months on a single set of batteries. I'm not joking. You can type on this thing for something like 700 -HOURS- on a single set of double a batteries. There's nothing like it on the market. > > The keyboard is a joy to type on, and the device is so sturdy you could probably use it as a boat paddle and still type something for the next month when you finished rowing to your desert island. :) > > It's a device that has a decent following among authors. I know several authors who covet their Neo, myself included. :) > > There is also an alpha smart Dana with a larger screen that is similarly cheap (it's a newer version of the alphasmart), but it's not as legendarily reliable as the Neo 2 and eats batteries in just a few hours. It also doesn't save EVERY keystroke like the Neo does... and the old palm software it used for its word processor is basically unsupported/unusable these days, so if you use a Dana you -will- eventually lose some work. DONT BUY THE DANA. > > I'd also avoid the Alphasmart 3000. Those things are older devices and just don't have the storage the newer Neo and Neo 2 have. A Neo or Neo 2 are substantially better machines. > > Here's a website that compares the Alphasmarts... > > > > [...] > > Alphasmart has arrow keys. You don't have to edit as you type, but you have the option. > > Trust me, get an alpha smart. If you want a dirt cheap -typing- machine, there is nothing on the market that does it better. > > I bang out words for a living, and I've typed over a million words into my alpha smart Neo. It's not the device I -always- reach for (I sometimes grab my MacBook pro because I need something a little more full-featured), but when I just want to knock some words out without any distractions, the alpha smart is the machine I use. > > I have no complaints. I think I bought mine for fifteen bucks and it's paid for itself tens of thousands of times over ;). > > [...]


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> But my mom became nosy on what he was doing and grabbed the phone. I tried to explain and she just... Did not get it. > > Please get my brother to bring me my dress. And she is like: "But it is missing a button!" Doesn't matter. This is more important. "But it is wrinkly!" Mom I rather wear a wrinkly dress than smell like week old dog period blood. > > Finally she agreed.

Bad mom.

If your daughter requests an emergency change of clothes, you ensure the clothes are en route right now, no questions asked.

Questions can wait until they are willing to share.

Same with when your daughter calls you when they are out, and call for a ride.

You will pick them up, no questions asked, and the questions can wait until they are willing to share.


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> Professional astronomy will be fine


> [...] Observations affected by artificial satellites can become unusable for scientific research [...] SpaceX has been launching Starlink satellites [...] bright satellites could mess up their view of the cosmos by leaving streaks on telescope images as they glide past [...] Even the Hubble Space Telescope, which orbits more than 500 kilometers above the Earth’s surface, is vulnerable to these satellite streaks, as well as those from other satellite constellations.[..] we scanned the archive of Hubble Space Telescope images taken between 2002 and 2021. We find that [..] of 2.7% of the individual exposures with a typical exposure time of 11 minutes are crossed by satellites and that [...] increases with time. [...] With the growing number of artificial satellites currently planned, [...] Hubble Space Telescope images crossed by satellites will increase in the next decade

You can't get more professional than a telescope in actual space.


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IMHO, patient 0 should not get all the deaths accounted to them, but only the deaths that happen within the local community.

Anyone who introduces the disease in a new community gets all the deaths for that community.


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You might want to use the quote functionality for indentation, as this prevents it changing into code notation, and also adds those nice lines.

> ⬆️ +3 will_always_reply
> ⬇️ Great idea.

>> ⬆️ -2 nasty_gramps
>> ⬇️ and what does this adds to the conversation?

>>> ⬆️ +1 common_sensor >>> ⬇️ I could ask the same thing about your response.

>> ⬆️ +1 peace_keep_star
>> ⬇️ Don't pay attention to those other posters, it's indeed a great idea.