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The issue isn’t that he grew emotionally, I think everyone can get behind and support individual growth. The issue is the circumstance that caused the growth which is dishonest. It’s one of those situations where he’s not necessarily sorry for the actions but more so because he got caught. No doubt in my mind he’d do it again, and because of that should no longer be in a position of power to make those kinds of decisions if he can’t hold himself to the same standard he holds average civilians. If everyone could block a mugshot we wouldn’t have any out there at all


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Absolutely awful, cop runs a guy over and says “he just struck my vehicle” not only that but the one who’s running the press conference admits there’s a “cancer” growing within police departments and says that they’re going after every “tentacle” but that just goes to show that they know there are way more cases like this in police departments and they’re not ready to let the public know about that yet