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> In the first weeks of the 97th Congress, the House passed a resolution providing for Spellman's pay as if she had been seated, and for her Congressional office to be supported as if a member of Congress had died or resigned.[5] When it became clear she was permanently incapacitated and unlikely to recover, the House passed an act declaring the 5th District seat vacant.

I can't help but feel like that Congress would fuck around for an entire election cycle if this happened today instead of making the seat vacant. Like whichever party would benefit from a comatose congressman would stonewall any resolution on the matter.


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Albanian is very likely a remnant of the Illyrian(or perhaps Thracian or Paeonian instead) language, but we lost the connecting branch between the Illyrians before the fall of Rome and the sudden emergence of the Albanians in the 12th century.

Most likely this is just because the Greek and Latin speakers of coastal Illyria didn't have a reason to talk about the highlanders or the records were lost.