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There's a lotta movies out of Hong Kong and China that are stupid fun action movies. They tend to be somewhat comedic, but the actors play it straight it's just comedy from how ridiculous the events are.


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I'll be honest, I don't think I've ever gone to the mall because I want something specific.

I'll go because I'm Christmas shopping and want to see what they have, but if I know what I want I just buy it online.


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I'm a little confused.

>Therefore, sending extremely compact, lightweight materials — like algae starts, mushroom spores, and thin plastic molds — that will then “grow” into significantly larger structures has tremendous appeal.

So where's the mass of the structure coming from then?

It's gotta come from somewhere. On earth there's an atmosphere that it can draw most of that from, but on the moon they'd have to bring that with them. It's compact, but the weight would be relatively similar to just bringing pre-grown mushroom bricks, no?


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They're less violent if you get them neutered (or spayed i imagine, I'm not actually sure it effects females the same way) before puberty.

The problem is they are smart, they are curious, and they like to dig. So even with them being less violent, they will still destroy everything. They will dig into dry wall. They will get into all your cabinets. They view baby locks as a challenge and will get through them. There is no way to realistically secure all of your belongings in a way that isn't incredibly inconvenient for you.

If they grab something they don't recognize, they will try to wash it. It gives them better tactile feedback and they use their hands to identify things. This includes any electronics.

They are very hard to keep healthy. They are frequently overfed and it's hard to give them proper exercise.


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That's roughly what this is. They grow the proteins using yeast instead of cows. The rest of milk could already be replicated, so this was the last piece of the puzzle... Sort of.

It still doesn't have lactose, but as far as I can tell that's an intentional choice so people with lactose intolerance can drink it still. Shouldn't effect anything other than making it slightly sweeter if they don't offset the sugar content.


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I don't think cow-free dairy is a "cheap" ingredient.

When it comes to vegan milk alternatives, it's the closest you can get to actual milk, and it's still fairly pricey.

Edit: ok I'm not sure why you messaged me instead of commenting, but I don't think it's going to be a cheaper ingredient than any alternative soon either. I also don't see why you're using this as a dig against Ben and Jerry's, like they're using the most expensive, highest quality option on the market but they're bad because that will be cheap one day???