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I am not a hunter or was a brought up hunting. Yet I respect everything you said. If people want to responsibly follow their passions, whatever that might be, I applaud them for it. I am a bit wary of dogs though since I have been bit before. So I understand the trepidation of the original post.


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One thing I love about skiing the northern vermont mountains is the pines. I recomend going up Molly Stark mt or one of the sugarbush mountains. The upper 1000 feet of vertical of beautiful pine and spruce trees. I love to ski Magic mountain, amazing terrain but one of the negatives is it does not really touch upon those forests because of its altitude(a little bit it does. Full respect to the terrain regardless) I have hiked the LT from Lincoln Gap to app gap and you def get a ton of those forests. But it is a major commitment. Check on those mountains for local hikes. On Molly Stark anything above the single chair midstation is amazing. On Sugarbush I recomend the upper castlerock area. For me riding up the single chair at Mad River Glen with a ton of snow and getting past the mid station it almost feels spiritual it is so beautiful. Weaving through those pines skiing takes it to another level but hiking I have no doubt you can find the same clarity.


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I grew up in CT. Went to school in Vermont like yourself and have lived here since for 30ish years. Even back in my college days it was often year to year and can be very different from area to area. Burlington is warmer than almost the whole rest of the state for several reasons so generally will have less snow. I went to college in a valley and I remember many times pretty much no snow at school and go up to Mad River Glen and there would be 2+ feet. But generally good winters are not defined by 1 big storm. Its the years that have consistent clippers come through, 6-10 each week. As warm as its been when it gets cold the lake may crank out some serious moisture for the greens. Last year was a pretty mild winter snow wise and the year before the opposite. I am guessing the trend will continue and this one will be better once we get going.