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That's an interesting take. In the case of Egyptian version, the "Milky Way" was created when Atum rubbed one out.
"No animals were harmed in the creation of this galaxy."


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Like Tarot, the I Ching has a lot to offer, and little of it has to do with telling the future. It's more about looking into the unconscious/subconscious. Just thought I would add that in case you decide to go down that route.
I would highly recommend the Tao Te Ching and I Ching to anyone.


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Tesla workers are paid about the same as UAW workers are. Could be a bit less in some cases, could be more in others. Paying someone slightly less is not mistreatment. Is it surprising that companies that have grown fat selling gasoline powered cars with huge subsidies for decades can pay more than a start up?
As far as disagreements between the management and the worker - do you really think Ford and GM have never been sued for mistreatment by any employees? Any company with 100,000+ workers will have instances of management mistreating workers. That's an unavoidable part of organizations run by humans.
Going by that criteria, there aren't many car companies you could buy from from in good conscience. And any idea that the Big 3 in the US are good companies just because they are unionized doesn't hold up to scrutiny.


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> but treats it’s workers like shit.

I haven't heard that. I've not seen anything that indicates Tesla is any worse or having any issues that other organizations its size also have.
Car factories are generally pretty good as far as factory work goes. Pay at Tesla is competitive.
I'm sure it's not a worker's paradise but I've seen nothing that indicates Tesla treats its workers like shit.
Amazon? Sure? Meat packing plants? Absolutely. If you have any evidence of Tesla being particularly bad I'd like to see it.


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It is, which is why I highly doubt that is what happened. There's a lot of transition going on at the Buffalo plant. I would not be surprised if there are people being hired and fired.
But like the Fremont factory, there may be a few workers pushing for unions but it is unlikely they have made many inroads. Not enough that Tesla would be that worried.
Plus they aren't that stupid to do something blatantly illegal, would think. You get rid of them for other reasons and at least try to make it look like it's not a reprisal.
And I'm kind of doubting this source.