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I also do work in this field... AI is referred to when a computational device is being used to imitate or perform a human like interaction, or is facilitating something that typically would require human level intelligence.

This object was likely trained using ML algorithms which is where they get the "AI based" as ML is a subset of AI and refers to the training of such things. So in that way it is not incorrect. My gripe is that with how loosely the likes of Microsoft, Google, and Co have defined "AI" we will not be able to hold truly meaningful conversations about what AI is. The definition has lost value when everything from ChatGPT that facilitates true AI qualities and values, to my Samsung TV simply turning on because I walked into a room is being called AI, how do we delineate to the masses?

TLDR: I'm a grumpy codger that is tired of marketing dumbing down definitions to simply sell things, that have existed in some form or fashion for a decade and revitalizing it by slapping the term "ai" on it.


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"AI" is becoming a little too markety... Is this thing zipping up a ton of my information and sending it back to a cloud to be computed, then learning how I typically move my head and using predictive analysis to anticipate that?

Or... Is it just using pre programmed algorithms to match my movements to the speaker position and moving the speaker?

I'm guessing the latter... So not an intelligence at all...