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That's what ROSA is for, but you still can't get a permit. Those are the rules because DC is clogged with cars and they want to be able to provide space for people who live in the city year-round. Street permits are hugely subsidized for full-time residents. If you don't like it, you could live part time in the suburbs instead.


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I remember that article (sounds more like a Politico one than WaPo, TBH). It was about the social life of official Washington (like ambassadors, Cabinet- and undersecretary-level appointees, Congress critters and their chiefs of staff, etc), not your average person working in politics. It said that the Trump administration was pretty insular, and they weren't really welcome at things like the Kennedy Center Honors, WH Correspondents' Dinner, etc. They pretty much hung out at the Trump Hotel and Cafe Milano, whereas the Obama administration was out and about, hosting parties, attending events, trying new restaurants, etc.


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If you want tours of the White House, you need to set them up now.

There are a ton of options here for history and cool places to eat, so you'll need to be more specific.