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I'm moving there (need to be near Union City area) to live with my girlfriend. I'm bringing my dog if you know of any places that allow renting with a 100 lb German Shepherds let me know lol.

Moving in June. She is 30 years old. I'm 32. Could always use friends in the area. She has lived in Jersey city several years (from India). I'm from Colorado.

I loved Montreal. If I could speak French and immigration allowed me to move with my current job, I would definitely stay in MTL.



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Trump's fans sent him $1.5 million in 3 days
after he falsely predicted that he'd be

A literal domestic terrorist is running for office, unchallenged.

Lobbyists exist on both sides.

We still would have been better off 100x amidst a pandemic and today with President Hillary Clinton.

And last I checked, the fundraising NRA doesn't donate their domestic terrorist blood money to Dems.

Biden 2024. Fuck Donald Trump and every Republican standing behind him


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That's like suing "big restaurant" because you got food poisoning at a burger place. Dozens of companies exist to study cancer, fertility, genetic defects, etc.

The specific ones responsible for opioid negligence are who they go after. It takes time. Doesn't happen overnight