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Every time they update teams at work it seems like it is losing features. Used to be you could have two windows open so you could chat on screen one while screen two was the meeting but now it's all in the same window.

I've gone through the settings and can't find anything related to that. But, also, we're on a weird contact for the software so maybe that's the culprit.


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My son was huge into bob the builder and I downloaded the album as soon as I found out about it so he could listen to it; I secretly enjoyed the mambo no. 5 song as well.

He was born in 05 so I didn't know about the 9/11 aspect of the release.


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I don’t believe the government is neither lying nor telling the truth. Whatever they say the media will phrase the way the media wants to so why should I care either way?

I just don’t bring up thirty-year-old news to make a point. If I did, I’d use something like MK Ultra about how the government lies to us. Or Operation Northwoods.


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Watched the show. There were typical Stephen King-isms that I was familiar with as a Constant Reader so I was a little surprised to see them make the leap from the page.

The rushed ending, for example. Granted it was a television show but it looked and sounded like a two-parter at least and instead it was crammed inside of one.


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I’m in this post and I don’t like it.

I hate sharing why I’m stressed because it feels like a dumb thing to stress about so then I’m stressed all over again because why would I be worried about something so stupid that I can’t talk about it?


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I did, and had the man woman television test that TFG was so proud of. Said everything but for my short term memory was fine, but that the STM was effed. That was only a little while ago though so we haven’t moved to treatment options. ADHD was ruled out, as was autism. Trying sleep apnea next as a maybe.