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Look for a sewage pump that has the proper amount of lift and horsepower for your basin. One that will handle up to 2” solids. You don’t need a grinder pump unless you just want to get fancy. If you do get a grinder style pump, be extra careful that there are no rocks or hard solids in your basin or going into your drains. The clearance between the grinder blade and backplate is only around .006” and will possibly grow over time to a larger gap that can pull in hard solids and create havoc to that blade and back plate. When the blade is trashed, it will no longer pump out your solids and will clog. Gould’s and Zoeller are some good brands that I can recommend.


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Not all sewage pumps have grinders. The ones with grinders are nice, but a lot more expensive. My sewage pump has no grinder but will handle 2 inch solids. It’s been working great for nearly 15 years (knock on wood).

Edit: I work at a place that sells all different kinds and I’m a pump repairman. The ones with grinders are the ones that I see most in my shop. They seem to break down often.