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I know right? My spouse has a fish allergy. Not as immediately deadly as most peanut allergies but just from being near it she can still get swelling, irritation, and in extreme cases throat closing. She can't eat certain foods at many restaurants, cant eat at all at certain resteraunts, can't even go in some grocery stores or even walk down certain streets in bad areas. But we live in the Pacific Northwest so it's everywhere. Could we visit Japan? Probably not. Could we visit London? No idea. Fish and chips are popular there but I just don't know if its popular enough that you can smell it in the air.

Hopefully this kind of research continues to make breakthroughs for all allergies.


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You know, I saw an interview with Martin Luther King Jr. where he wasn't satisfied with what they had won. He saw it as the easy part because it was good for business to let everyone come in and shop equally. The hard part, in his mind, was the part that wasn't good for business. He was killed before any further progress was made. Some would argue very little, if any, progress has been made since his death. At least not the kind of progress he envisioned.

I know these two things are nowhere near equal in weight or importance, but thinking about that interview, and about Marvel arguing against its own message for tax reasons. I can't help but think social issues will always go the way that is ultimately good for business. Which is kind of sad.